“I DO Believe you.”

I do believe in the sincerity of President Obama, I take him at his word. That is precisely why I think he is dangerous for our country and precisely why I will do my part to make sure he is a one term president. In his campaign video “We’ve Come Too Far to Turn Back Now;” the president lays out all the things “we,” and by inference “he” needs to do in his second term.

The President: “We’ve got too much work to do to create good jobs.” Unemployment stands at 8.5%, it is in double digits here in regulation rich California. The government doesn’t create jobs it merely takes resources and moves them around as it sees fit. It picks winners (GM) and losers (Lehman) it rewards its’ supporters (Solyndra) with our money. Government will never be able to use capital as effectively as a market where supply and demand determine where resources will go. Strong companies that make great products and services are rewarded and grow while their employees thrive.

The President: “We’ve got too many teachers to hire…and schools to build.” Money is not the solution to education, the federal government  hasn’t improved education. We need more local control, more independence, less union and top down influence. Charter and private schools have demonstrated that it isn’t about money. Accountability and autonomy in education will lead to better education for all.

The President: “We’ve got too many students that still need affordable education.” Have we learned nothing from the housing collapse? Government money in the form of subsidized loans cannot make costs more affordable. It is basic economics, universities will continue to spend more and more of our money and raise tuition higher and higher as long as the federal government is willing to pay for it. Only a free market will allow education to be more responsive and affordable to the students it serves. Government money corrupts the market in higher education just as it did in real estate.

The President: “There’s more home grown energy to generate.” So get out of the way please. I have already mentioned Solyndra which is only the tip of the ice berg. Home grown and “green” energy will happen as soon as they make sense economically and consumers want them. Government fiat and subsidies will not lead to better, cheaper, cleaner energy.

The President: “There are more troops that we got to bring home.” Obama promised to end the war in Afghanistan and Iraq and hasn’t completed either, especially Afghanistan. This is more demonstrative of the complexities in these conflicts. There aren’t many easy answers, but the President’s apologizing around the world have not made us stronger. His refusal to take strong stands on Egypt or Syria do not either. Our troops deserved better from the Bush and Obama administrations. I hope we can bring them home but not by undermining their mission and abandoning all the great work they have done. We need strong decisive leadership on foreign policy and peace through strength as Reagan used to say.

The President: “There are more doors of opportunity that we’ve got to open…” There is no such thing as a free lunch. Employers will hire the best man or woman for every job or the market will punish them for it. We don’t need government to protect certain classes of people. Government must get out of the way and let markets work. America is still the land of opportunity but it isn’t guaranteed. The harder government makes it to start and run a business, the hire and fire, to reward value- the less opportunity there will be for all American’s. We somehow think in America that we can engineer an economy- but history has proven that freedom and strong, simple rule of law are the keys to a successful economy. Look at Hong Kong today look at North Korea and South Korea; North Germany and South Germany historically. Economic freedom will always lead to more prosperity for all.

President Obama believes he can solve all our problems, for every issue there is a government solution in his mind. No he can’t and no he hasn’t. The President promised change and he meant it, we have never had a more interventionist administration in Washington. An administration that has exercised broad unconstitutional authority over so many aspects of our lives. We know how he governs and he has made it clear he will continue if we elect him again.

It is time for a change, the choice is ours to make.

-Josh Kline


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