RNC Day One

Today was dress down day at the convention for me as I wandered around the Times Forum and the Convention Center. Because of the storm the convention was postponed until tomorrow. There seemed to be 100 press for every one delegate present as most stayed away. Tropical storm Isaac passed by far to the west and thankfully only brought a little wind and rain. Tampa seems to be well prepared and the sprawling space set aside for the convention is a fortress and sanctuary for press, delegates and attendees.

I will be focusing on the delegates and attendees at the convention. What do they want from their government? What do they want Romney to do as president and perhaps more importantly not do? It is my hope that this election will be more about philosophy and ideas and less about empty rhetoric and fear.

I have long believed that our country will vote for ideas and for a true leader. America needs the truth and real leadership from the president. The truth is we have some real problems in America. Spending is unsustainable and entitlements are the biggest part of that. Social Security and Medicare must be reformed or they will fail to protect anyone. Businesses are struggling with complicated and ever growing regulation and the uncertainty it brings. Our economy is struggling to right itself and at every step interventionist government gets in the way. Our security as a nation is still perilous and the world is still a very dangerous and uncertain place in need of a strong America. Our problems are big and complex but there are solutions and a strong leader can sell these solutions.

Selecting Congressman Ryan was a big step in the right direction for Romney. Ryan is serious about real budget reform and isn’t afraid of the truth. He is polarizing because of that but he is the kind of leader we badly need. By selecting him I think Romney has demonstrated that he intends to lead.

It is my hope that Romney and Ryan present a real concrete vision for America at the convention. They need to do more than blast Obama. They must present a strong alternative.


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