RNC Day 2

The convention got underway today with an ambitious schedule and some early drama. Ron Paul supporters are upset about a rule change that places less power on the state conventions and in their opinion lessens the power of “grass roots.” I spoke with several delegates and Ron Paul supporters and they feel disenfranchised which is unfortunate. Ron Paul walked onto the floor briefly but is not scheduled to speak. As of earlier today there was an unannounced speaker on Thursday. I am hoping that they will let Congressman Paul speak. He will not endorse Romney but he may bring some ideas to the public part of the convention and it might go a long way to making his supporters feel included. I doubt this will happen- and his son Rand will speak to the convention and give Romney an endorsement.

Ron Paul and libertarian ideas are more present than ever before at a RNC and for that he deserves credit. I am hoping that his supporters can find a way to support Romney even though he is not their perfect candidate. I think many will.

Romney was easily nominated as expected.

From a libertarian leaning perspective the speakers tonight hit all the right cues and said all the right things. The theme of “We Built It,” was reinforced again and again by businessmen and Republican politicians from around the country. Smaller government, less regulation, fiscal responsibility and self reliance were the message. Small businessmen where praised and video clips told there stories.

There were some real standouts including candidates Mia Love and Ted Cruz, and new Republican convert Artur Davis. Republican governors Nikky Haley and John Kaisich did a great job of given concrete evidence for Republican executive leadership success. Governor Scott Walker was very popular from the crowd and an example that you can fight entrenched power after his recall election victory in the battle against the unions.

Ann Romney and Chris Christie were the stars of the night as expected. Ann gave a powerful speech about Romney the man and I don’t believe she even mentioned Obama. She believes in her husband and made a powerful case for him as a strong man of action who will not fail his country. Christie delivered a straight talk speech that focused much less on Obama than expected and energized the crowd.

The purpose of this blog is not to give a blow by blow of the convention as conventional journalist will do that better than I.

My overall impression was that this party gets it now. They understand that they cannot be democrat light and that they must lead. George W. Bush was a good man of principle but he grew the federal government and his compassionate conservatism lead to big government programs and more debt and regulation. He kept us safe and was well intentioned but philosophically he believed in using the power of the federal government far too much to solve problems.

Tuesday night many times it was mentioned that private businesses create jobs and that government is the problem and must get out of the way. American exceptionalism and the triumph of the entrepreneur was paramount in the messaging of the night. There was certainly some Obama bashing but it was all substantive and based on his philosophy and his actions in office.

The republican leadership is energized and they are behind Mitt Romney. The messaging is broad strokes and I would prefer more details from Romney. I can only hope that if elected Romney and other Republican leaders will uphold their stated philosophy and make tough decisions that may not be popular and may upset many. True principled leadership and free market non interventionist government will be successful.


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