RNC Day 3

(Congressman Paul Ryan and his three children on stage during rehearsal)

Condoleezza Rice received the biggest welcome of the night and did not disappoint with a passionate speech calling for America to take a stand in the world and lead from the front. Condi also touched on economic issues and the philosophical:

 “My fellow Americans, ours has never been a narrative of
grievance and entitlement.  We have never believed that I am
doing poorly because you are doing well.  We have never been
jealous of one another and never envious of each others’ successes.”

Paul Ryan also delivered a powerful speech and promised not to duck the tough issues. He painted broad strokes and promised solutions to many of America’s problems.
The Republican leadership has set forth a strong vision for America’s future. In the next 70 days we will need more details and substance. I expect many details in the debates presidential and vice presidential. I expect Ryan and Romney to do more than criticize, I expect them to offer a strong and specific alternative.
Ryan and Romney have proven in the past to be men of substance and action and we deserve strong substantive leadership.

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