RNC Day 4: A Businessman

Thursday was of course all about Mitt. We heard from speakers from Romney’s church and community about the man he was to them. How he gave selflessly to them in their time of need. The dying child he helped, the lost girl he helped find, and the family with a sick daughter.

We also heard a strong defense of Bain Capital from the CEO of Staples and other companies Bain helped fund. We heard about the 2002 Olympic games and Mitt’s time as governor. I have study Mitt’s record and it is clear this is a successful, accomplished man who is loved and praised by many. If elected I believe Mitt will be the most accomplished man in the private sector of any president. Clint Eastwood praised Romney’s success in business and said it is time we had a businessman as president. Eastwood added some levity in an off the cuff speech that I enjoyed but will be strongly criticized for its’ lack of polish.

It is time for a businessman- for far too long businessmen have been unfairly maligned and misunderstood. The media and politicians are quick to blame business for the failings in society.

It is the businessman who elevates society by bringing ideas, capital and hard work together to create wealth. Wealth that enriches all around him. I am glad to see Romney standing up for his business success; he is right to be proud. While at Bain he put capital to work for many businesses and in the process helped create real jobs and real wealth for hundreds of thousands of people. A record of success will always bring with it room to criticize. One of Obama’s strengths in 2008 was that he really didn’t have a record and therefore little to criticize. Romney is not my perfect candidate but I believe he is an honorable man and he understands success and the capitalist system. He has a strong record of leadership with honor and integrity.

We need a businessman in the White House.


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