Ron Paul supports are very angry, a group of them even stormed out of the floor. Paul supporters are upset about delegates not seated and strong arm tactics. Maine in particular had 20 delegates not seated after their election was ruled invalid. They are also upset about a rule change that critics say will lessen grass roots power as it forces delegates to be apportioned as winner take all or in direct proportionality to the popular vote. I sympathize with the Ron Paul delegates as I mostly agree with them on the issues. After analysis of the rules change I find them to be fair, however I think it might have been wise to not change them as it added fuel to the fire. Outlets such as the Huffington Post have stated that the ayes and no’s were equal and Boehner gave it to the ayes immediately. I disagree, it was clear that the rule change had the majority support.

Politics is the art of the possible. Ron Paul had the opportunity to convince the Republican party to nominate him and he failed to completely sell his candidacy. I have tremendous respect for Paul and he is closer to my views by a wide margin than Mitt Romney.

Paul has been gracious and I understand why he refuses to endorse Romney. I believe that he has helped shape the debate and forced some libertarian issues on the party platform. I hope that Romney acknowledges Ron Paul in his speech and reaches out to his supporters. An even bolder move would be to allow Paul to speak even though he will not endorse. On November 6th I will happily vote for Romney over Obama.


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