DNC Day 1

Michelle Obama is a talented speaker and no one would deny that she is an inspiring woman. Michelle Obama did not succeed because she was given a government check. She spoke about her father and how hard he worked, she didn’t attribute his success to government welfare. Ms. Obama spoke about student aide and how she and Barack couldn’t have gone to school without it. What Ms. Obama doesn’t mention is that government student aide with below market interest is causing a tuition bubble much like easy government money from Fannie and Freddie cause a housing bubble.

Newark mayor Cory Booker is another inspiring story. Mayor Booker did mention business; he spoke of government investments in business. Government investment are nothing more than taking money from one person or group and giving it to another. The president is fond of saying the government “saved” GM. Obama’s government chose to take money from us to prop up GM. The Obama government is picking winners and losers it is distorting markets. Even worse current investment is based on flawed stimulus and is the money of the future citizens of America in the form of debt.

Cory Booker: You should be able to afford health care for your family. You should be able to retire with dignity and respect.

Translation: Government should and since government gets all it’s money from taxation in one form or another- you the citizen should. It doesn’t matter that government spends the money inefficiently and leads to distorted markets and regulations.

For the democratic party government is always the solution and the free market can be managed into health.


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