To the Partisans (including myself)

I admit that I have some strong political opinions. I do try to seek truth and I recognize my biases and try to seek other points of view out that challenge my own. Sometimes I change my mind.

I finally decided that I must engage some of my liberal friends on social networks. I think and hope that I have at least presented the other side in a meaningful way for some, mostly though I have received a beating! Here is a small sampling:

(Verbatim but condensed from facebook and other social networks and blogs)

How you graduated college with the lacking ability to reason that you’ve shown me I really don’t know, however I’ll be sure not to allow my child to attend that university.

Otherwise, please keep your comments off of my page, because trying to these arguments is best done with a freshman in an environmental club, who doesn’t know enough about FOX News techniques to defend a heart-felt position with nearby facts.

…lately you come off as a contrarian, with a bitter side.

At this point I can conclude that you are not interested in the freedom of the people. You are interested in the freedom of yourself and people in positions of power like yourself to maintain this power with ideas which are disguised as freedom.

…just couldn’t quite confess you’re a birther.

I have had some good rational debates, especially with my closer friends, but mostly my intentions have been attacked. I can appreciate a good argument or even an attempt at an argument on reason and logic, but don’t attack my character without cause. I have never attacked an opponents character or intention. I assume that people that disagree with me want good things for their fellow countrymen. I assume they love their children and their country as I do. They just disagree with my ideas and have different ideas and that is what makes America great.

I want to openly ask my liberal friends for a few things:

1. Don’t assume that people who disagree with you or the president have any less character or patriotism than yourself.

2. Forget about Fox News! Almost every argument I have with someone they have to either imply or directly say that I am somehow brainwashed by Fox News. I haven’t brought up Fox News a single time or referenced a commentator or web link from them, not once.

3. Do not assume that your ideas make you morally superior to me. This is perhaps the most insidious. Conservatives and libertarians can be charitable, honorable people with as much frequency as liberals. We just think our ideas are a better way for all Americans.

4. Do not assume I do not understand or empathize with the poor. I have lived on less than $10,000 a year for at least a couple years. I didn’t come from any means I have worked hard and known thrift and sacrifice. Furthermore had I came from means would it somehow make my logic invalid?

5. Don’t assume that there is some group think mentality among all of us on the other side. I for one believe in gay marriage, drug legalization and a whole host of socially liberal ideas. I do not consider myself to even be a “conservative” I am a libertarian and in many ways a classic liberal.

6. Don’t punish us socially or economically for having a difference of opinion. I once lost a entry level film job for daring to say diplomatically I didn’t love Michael Moore. I have been shunned in social settings for daring to speak against a popular opinion. Argue with us, but as long as we are civil and respect your point of view please don’t punish us for having ours. Conversely I hire and socialize with people whose ideas and very far left from mine.

Lets all agree that in this contentious time we will debate fearlessly and present our opinions and beliefs to each other. Lets agree to be civil and respectful and give the other person the benefit of the doubt that their convictions are sincere and heartfelt. In short lets agree to disagree with respect.


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