Who Gains if Obama Loses: Obama

Of all the people that will gain if Obama loses, it is the President himself who will gain the most. Obama won a historic election in 2008, he was the candidate of hope and change. He was the first black president but managed to completely transcend race in his victory and didn’t play off his race even once. Obama had a strong mandate and got done what even Bill Clinton could not do- a sweeping federal healthcare reform bill promising to give everyone health insurance. Obama also successfully ended the war in Iraq and saw the economy start to improve from a deep recession.

If Obama becomes a one term president this is how history will remember him.After the GOP undoes Obamacare the left will always speak glowingly about what could have been. All of the inherent problems with private healthcare will be on display. Few of the unintended costs of Obamacare will have a chance to occur. Likewise all the foreign policy problems will become Romney’s. In the tough dealings with Iran, Syria, Egypt and North Korea Obama will always be able to say he could have done better. Every failure Romney makes can be analyzed from the sideline, every misstep critiqued from the relative safety of retirement.

Obama will make tens of millions a year giving soaring speeches. He will speak at colleges and foundations to adoring fans. He will be back in the comfortable world of theory where progressive policies always work and advance the cause of social justice. He will probably run a foundation and excel at raising hundreds of millions of dollars. He will criticize Romney from the sidelines as Clinton did to Bush but Bush spared for Obama. He will take credit for successes and distance himself from failures.

He will have it all: success, fame and fortune.

Mr. President, I hear you are casting your ballot tomorrow, think long and hard about what you have to gain and lose and make the right choice. Either way I look forward to reading your book and visiting your Chicago library, hopefully soon.

-Josh Kline



  1. Chris

    This assumes that there is value in being able to say “I told you so.” Our ego would like this very much. Unfortunately, when the world has gone to shit, being able to say “I told you so” doesn’t buy you anything. In fact, it will make you unpleasant to be around.

  2. joshkline

    I will tell you the story behind this one:
    I wrote a thoughtful piece about an issue that I tried to find common ground on. A friend wrote a one line illogical attack piece of his own and he got 136+ comments. I got zero! So I thought let me try something funny for a change.
    This also isn’t just a dig at Obama- it is a dig at our psychology. It is always easier to oppose anything than it is to do. Being president is a thankless job and most end up pretty unpopular towards the end of their run. So yes I was sarcastic but I think I was fair overall in my sarcasm.

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