Mother Jones: More Guns, More Mass Shootings

Mother Jones studied mass shootings and concluded that armed citizens would not have a positive affect on safety and that they had not stopped mass shootings:

My response:
Is it any wonder that more armed civilians don’t stop these shootings given that all but one since 1950 have taken place in gun free zones. A couple of important facts overlooked here: The principal in Alabama that stopped the shooting: His gun was in the car because of the school restriction. The shooter had planned to go to another school so he did stop potentially more deaths. There are other cases overlooked here such as the shooting at New Life church in 2007. The other major problem here is that Mother Jones looked at shootings were more than 4 people were killed. If armed civilians fight back many times they stop the body count therefore averting a mass murder shooting. By simply having the right to carry in schools some of these monsters won’t even attempt to attack a school.

Numerous studies show that guns are used defensively as often as 2 million times a year. The vast majority of the time the gun need only be shown to break off the attack.  One of the tactics on the left seems to be assailing the good because it is imperfect. Gun flights are horrible and should be avoided at all costs. It is almost always better to retreat and run from a gun fight even while armed. However when innocent children are slaughtered in great numbers it is obvious that a gun in trained hands could stop the killing. Imagine if the courageous principal had a gun and training. She may have been able to stop the attack or slow him down allowing someone else to overwhelm him or more kids to escape.

It is also important to note that Mother Jones also didn’t find a single person that did act in these cases and killed any bystanders, some of them lost their lives but they didn’t make the situation worse. CCW permit holders commit crimes about as often as police officers, the data shows they are very lawful citizens.

Mother Jones cherry picks their stats here but they ignore the fact that violent crime has dropped in every category since the lifting of the assault weapons ban in 2004. More than a million fewer people were killed in 2011 than in 2004. Having more trained people carrying weapons is not a panacea and certainly will not stop these mass shootings.However the evidence shows that they can make a difference.

Mother Jones also fails to mention that police officers have yet to make a real difference in one of these school shootings. In Columbine it took 2 hours for them to go into the school, heavily armed SWAT officers stood by and waited while a teacher bleed to death and many students were executed in the library. Even the school resource officer only managed to fire a few rounds at the shooters without hitting them.

The police cannot protect us, usually they arrive just in time to put up tape and start the investigation.


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