Armed Utah Teachers

Discrete security is good security. The law in Utah gives every mass shooter a reason to think they might be confronted at a school, even if none of the teachers at that school have guns. If the parents know the kids will know and that makes it more dangerous not less. We have gun free zones and so that is where these vile shooters go to rack up casualties. This woman hasn’t been fully educated on this subject and she doesn’t have a permit yet. In order to get one she will be fully educated on how to properly conceal her firearm and keep it away from her students. She is being mocked just for considering this and asking questions. Lets look at the evidence- 12 years no mass shootings and zero accidents. Is it possible an accident can occur, of course it is- nothing is perfectly safe. We have to make rational decisions based on trade offs. It isn’t crazy at all to think that arming a well trained and competent teacher may make a difference- even the idea of it is a powerful disincentive.

I also want to point out the Mother Jones article doesn’t assert that no civilian has stopped a mass shooting- even the cases they point out can be argued. Nobody will ever know what would have been in each of those cases, and it is even more remarkable that they cannot find a single incident where a CCW permit holder shot an innocent person. Only one case where the civilian was killed (may have been anyway) and no cases where the civilian had to kill the shooter to apprehend him.


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